About Deborah


Deborah Funches was captivated by jewelry and all things vintage at an early age.  Today, her two jewelry lines capture the beauty of a bygone era brought to life through a mixture of materials, metals, and unexpected touches.  The two lines are connected by history, separated by change.

In 2006, as a wife and mother of two young daughters, Deborah began designing her first line Deborah Funches Jewelry.  When the line was originally released  the collection primarily focused on bright colors, fun florals, and a heavy vintage influence.  As the line has evolved, it has become a boutique collection featuring many one of a kind and limited release pieces, still emphasizing on the vintage feel  Deborah has always embraced.  Her hope is to design unique jewelry collections, each piece as individual as the wearer.

In 2015, focused on transformation, Deborah launched SHIFT accessories.  The collection is crafted from metal-infused clay using handcrafted molds of vintage pieces, typesetting blocks and found objects.  Kiln-firing gives the bronze and steel a distinctive, subtle luster.  SHIFT is customizable in many ways and continues to grow and evolve.

Deborah is now a single mother to two teenage daughters, with two feisty dogs, a caring boyfriend and her own design studio in downtown Camas, Wa.  She is inspired by both the present and the past, and hopes each creation carries with it a little bit of both for those who wear it.